Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking Online Classes

Some of the greatest changes that technology has brought around include the introduction of online courses that students can utilize for academic purposes. Online classes are without the need of going to normal classes- without necessarily going to school.

Although online classes have revolutionized and modernized the education sector around the globe, little has been said about this much-adopted trend by students.

My personal point of view that I currently share with several other interested parties seems to agree with me that besides the benefits therein. The trend could have its list of limitation that people rarely discuss.

This article is aimed at helping students and other interested parties learn about the advantages and disadvantages of taking online classes. Knowing about them will enable them to make informed choices when it comes to their education.

To fully help you understand this I will start by providing the commonly known advantages of online classes.

Benefits of online classes

There are many advantages of going for online classes.

•    It is flexible

Unlike the past when students had to undergo different learning hardships like the strict syllabus and overflowing classes students can now enjoy a more flexible learning with online classes. These online classes help students learn according to their pace making them understand concepts quickly.

Online classes can also accommodate people with busy schedules like employees who wish to further their education doing study at their pace. This is the exact opposite of what could have happened in an offline class.

•    More convenient

It is the reason most people prefer online classes. As long as they are in a position to be near a computer that has an internet connection anywhere in the world. It is easy for them to acquire learning materials that they can use for their learning classes. It significantly reduces the amount and time spent going to classes that most students find tiring and expensive.

•    It is affordable

Regular education is expensive. Students spend a fortune just to have formal education in a consistent manner. However, with the introduction of online classes the entire education process cheaper. You no longer have to involve transportation cost, accommodation cost and many other costs that come with traditional classes. Online learning has changed what most people used to spend on education the reason most people prefer it over the standard offline classes.

•    It’s nonrestrictive

Some of the identified barriers in education involve culture, locations, and citizenship which make it quite restrictive. With online learning and classes, this is no longer an issue of concern.

Since its inception education has been made to cross some of the most education restrictive cultures on the continent, ultimately contributing to the increase in the global literacy level. It also has motivated learners who had been restricted by geographical barriers.

Education materials are easily available online all a student needs to do is have a computer with internet connection and the will to learn is simply what a learner need to start.

•    Continuous improvement

One advantage of technology is that it continuously improves. What you were exposed to yesterday may not be what you will see today. The same is happening with online classes they are continuously by improved to make the learning experience even better for the student.

New applications are being discovered on a daily basis making it more efficient, and standard classes have continuously stagnated making learning somehow a bit complicated for the student who yearns for knowledge.

•    It is fast

One advantage of online classes is that they are fast when compared to standard classes that tend to lack an element of being fast. Online learners can receive and send updated quickly which simplifies their learning process. It is also fast to start receiving online classes compared to normal classes that involve long and tedious processes.

 Just like it is fast to send updated it is also fast to receive responsive updates which significantly improves communication between the learner and the teacher.

•    It’s accommodating

It is no secret that some students tend to be advanced learners while others are slow learners. Whichever way they all deserve a shot at education something the normal offer them but at a disadvantage. With online classes, every student’s need are met.

This is the case considering their programs that are tailor made just to accommodate every learners weakness that eventually becomes his strength.

All learners also have an option of choosing how they wish to study and for how long .This way they can still achieve their education goals without frustrations that students in normal schools have to endure during their studies. It sometimes happens even with their weaknesses and strengths known to their teachers who are sometimes just too busy to help.

Just like I promised I will also discuss the disadvantages of online classes. So far there are only five disadvantages collected.

Disadvantages of online classes

•    It requires a lot of self-discipline

Considering students taking online classes have to choose simply to be discipline with their study that is always highly unlikely with all the distractions they have to endure online.

Traditional learning courses offer a disciplined environment for studying while something online classes can’t guarantee. It is also not easy to tell if the student is studying in online classes which in most cases results in modest progress.

•    Lacks control

No matter how online learning developers design their education; it will always lack an element of control that regular learn has. Research has established that most students who undertake online learning rarely follow what their teachers’ instruction in full.

They would rather do it according to their terms that sometimes risk the whole idea of learning. Regular learning involves control as learners are directed accordingly at every given moment with encouraging results.

•    Socially exclusive

It no hidden fact that human beings learn from others or with others better and this is the basis for evolution. However with online classes students are expected to go it solo. It can negatively influence the development of most students.

There are some things that online classes can just not teach. Despite this form of education being flexible and convenient it can’t simply replace the traditional face to face learning approach that many students including me benefitted from.

•    It may be impersonal

With online classes, most students find it hard to establish normal communication besides doing it online with other. This in itself is a social challenge considering we are naturally social beings. Removing that from the equation is simply altering the course of nature.

Transferring normal communication to online platforms on serves to hurt what can’t simply be broken which is a disadvantage to online classes students.

•    Can result in health problems

With online classes students spend a lot of time on computer screens to the point that their health becomes affected. That is why most students who undertake online classes will be found to suffer from visual impairment and other harmful health conditions. The conditions are the result of harmful electromagnetic waves and inactivity that most student slowly adapt.


 We firmly believe that you have been able to comprehend what advantages or disadvantages taking online classes have on you as a person. If you need help with a paper from either discourse, contact us now.