Best Ideas You Can Use For Winning Observation Essay Topics

An observation essay is one in which the writer tries to paint clear picture of a real world situation, occurrences or a person by the use of carefully chosen words. In other words, an observatory essay has an experience element in it that is why most students when faced with a situation whereby they have to come up with one, they simply deep freeze.

It is understandable that it is hard to break down or share an experience just like what an observation essay expects you to and for that matter in words. Typically providing a description is hard for most people but that can considerably improve if you choose to learn how. Observation essays require a skill that most people can nature if they keep their minds on it.

An observation essay is just like your normal essay only that you need to focus more than usual. Finding the right idea for your observatory essay is also a most people encounter. It is because most people tend to have several options bur fail, to agree on the appropriate title to first deal with.

Remember in observation essays are trying to explain something you are familiar with or happens around you on a daily basis. This article serves to help you with great observation essay writing ideas that can be useful when that time comes.

1.    Family Traditions

Every family around the world has something they consider tradition. It could serve as an absorbing observation essay topic idea if you choose. Just imagine what you have witnessed happen in your family for ages and think of putting the experience in word and your observation essay is up and running.

Put down every experience and be passionate about it. It is like trying to document your family history, and you need to give it your all, plus you have all the facts at hand, and you don’t  don’t need to engage tiring research like it is the case with other essays.

2.    Graduation

Nearly everybody has a graduation at a certain point in their life. It could be your high school graduation or your collage graduation. The fact of the matter is that this offers a exquisite observation essay topic idea. Everybody remembers his graduation in his special way starting from the events of the day to the graduation itself and the part that come after it.

When all these facts are put together in an observation essay, this could simply be one of the best observatory essays in the world considering it could be like reliving your memories. Only that this time you are like documenting them by putting them in words. It is also a good way to refresh your mind to some of the greatest moments of your life.

That Scary Experience

Everybody I have met actually has one or several of this. However the there is always one that always out do the others. It can be a fascinating observation essay idea if you put your mind to it. This is something that sometimes bothers you and letting it out for a good reason can be refreshing.

It is like unburdening yourself from something that has been holding you down for some time. Scary situations are sometimes the best avenue for observation essays that many people can relate to with great success. However, take some time to focus on the experience that inspires it.

3.    That Moving Speech

The internet and other media sources have made it possible for us to witness some great speeches from all over the world. In our current background, it is the electioneering period, and there are lots of campaign speeches being witnessed on a daily basis. You may have therefore found yourself in one of that campaign meeting for either the democrats or the republicans and a particular speech by one candidate torches you.

It could be Donald Trump on immigration issues that touched you or affected you, and you felt that you should write on it. The best way is by an observation essay start by how the day, how the weather looked like progressing to the actual point where the speech was given. Besides being a witness to a live events campaigns and speeches offer a splendid observatory essay ideas that students can utilize with great success.

4.    That Sad Experience

It is normal for people to have those moments they consider sad like losing a job as a result of the hard biting recession, losing a spouse or that close person to you .although this may seem like a bitter experience it actually could work in your favor. It is especially so when it comes to observation essay writing.

Transforming this sad event in an observatory essay is one way to express your experience and can help other people understand you entirely without criticizing you.

Remember traumatic events can be too hard on some people and writing on them can help in bringing them that much-needed closure. The same can happen to you as long as you are ready to share in your experience through writing an observation essay about your sad situation.

5.    That Electrifying Performance

We all sometimes get to enjoy some electrifying performances renowned artiste from time to time. However there is always one that will leave you electrified making you relive that moment over and over in your mind and dreams. This could be an exquisite observation essay idea topic you should consider writing about.

Take your time and describe everything that made that event so fascinating that you just can’t turn off that moment from your mind. Describe the entrance how the show was, how the crowd reacted if there was one and what the fashion sense was like for people around you. This idea of an essay is both captivating and greatly fulfilling that many people can wish to read about.

6.    That Memorable Game

In one way or another we find ourselves affiliated a particular team when it comes to sports. It could be American football, or soccer or even basketball. However in the process of being loyal fan, your team pulled a first one on you.

 It has left that memory edged in your mind that you only keep on remembering it whenever you are watching their game. This is a key idea for your observation essay topic, and you need to revisit it in writing.

Take your time to visualize that day, explain how the stadium looked like and how the fans were behaved .In your observation essay paints that picture of what you felt like and let everyone who reads it feels the same.


In writing an observation essay, events that happened to you or ones you had/have a chance of witnessing offer a fertile ground for topic ideas. To select the most interesting topic for your essay, therefore, you should be scared of exploring more even if that means digging into your childhood memories. My personal favorite is the day I had my first kiss. What is yours?

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